This new corporate vision embodies Pioneer’s renewed commitment to ‘being one with its customers’, ‘smiles and passion’ and ‘growth’. Specifically, Pioneer strives to become:

  • A company that takes a position to be one with its customers and keeps them in the loop in creating new products and values.
  • A company whose employees pride themselves on helping customers keep going with smiles and passion with their own.
  • A company whose employees cooperate with each other with smiles and passion.
    And a company whose growth derives from its customers’ personal growth along with its employees ‘ personal and professional growth.

The word “engage” used in the vision statement represents a sense of involvement and a sense of purpose that are shared and externalized through dialogues between customers and employees, among employees, and between employees and the company.

We would like to spread and share these wishes among ourselves thoroughly, and actualize our 2015 Vision. In addition, we would also like to be a helpful partner for customers, business partners and our society to spread smiles, feel the vibes and share the passion.

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