This company acts as an exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia, distributing Electronic and Electrical appliances, Biomedical equipment, Electronic Security systems, Watches & parts, Tapes, Batteries, and more, sourced from globally renowned suppliers.

Company Profile

Saudi-Owned Leadership Team

This company is proudly Saudi-owned and operated. It benefits from the leadership skills and  vision of  the following :

  • Eng. Hamed Al Arfaj: Managing Director of the Air Conditioning and Scientific Department
  • Mr. Yassir Al Arfaj: Managing Director of the Data & Information Technology Department
  • Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Arfaj: Executive Manager
  • Mr. Ibrahim Ahmad Al Arfaj: Central Region Manager
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The company boasts a strong national presence with distribution centers and service centers strategically located in Gassim, Ihsa, Arar, Jizan, and Madinah. This extensive network allows them to efficiently serve clients across Saudi Arabia and fulfill numerous maintenance contracts. Their warehousing capacity surpasses a staggering 150,000 square meters, demonstrating their ability to handle large-scale operations. Furthermore, the company’s financial strength is evident with a paid-up capital of SAR 80 million, bolstered by an additional SAR 40 million in reserves, bringing their total working capital to an impressive SAR 120 million (approximately USD 32.7 million).

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Our History

A leading Saudi electronics company, Basic Electronics Co. Ltd. boasts a powerful market presence:

  • Extensive Brand Portfolio: Backed by 28 trademarks, they’ve established a strong brand identity.
  • Vast Distribution Network: With over 4,500 distributors, their products reach a wide audience across the kingdom.
  • Diverse Product Selection: They offer an impressive selection of 1,800 products, catering to various customer needs.
  • Technical Expertise: Their team of over 250 highly qualified engineers ensures technical knowledge and support.
  • Strategic Warehousing: Warehouses strategically located across Saudi Arabia guarantee efficient product delivery.
  • Esteemed Leadership: Under the guidance of General Manager Mr. Qasim Al Arfaj, the company thrives.

Our Team

Headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, we employ over 1,000 technicians and specialists across a network of branches and after-sale service centers. Our reach spans the Kingdom with locations in:

  • Eastern Region: Al Khobar, Dammam, Al Ihsa
  • Central Region: Riyadh, Gassim
  • Western Region: Jeddah
  • Southern Region: Khamis Muchait

Vat Registration Certificate

General Authority of Zakat & Tax
Dated: 23/ 02/ 1439
Vat #: 3004097826