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Proudly Saudi, Powering Your World: Al-Asasyah (Basic Electronics Co. Ltd.) is a homegrown success story! We’re a 100% Saudi company headquartered in Al-Khobar, serving the entire kingdom.

From Appliances to Security, We’ve Got You Covered: Think of us as your electronics concierge. We offer a vast selection of top-tier products, including:

  • Everyday essentials: appliances, TVs, and more to keep your home running smoothly.
  • Healthcare heroes: biomedical equipment to support healthcare professionals.
  • Safe and sound: electronic security systems for complete peace of mind.
  • Timeless style: watches and parts to complement any look.
  • Entertainment essentials: tapes and batteries to fuel your fun.

Global Brands, Local Expertise: We partner with world-renowned suppliers to bring you the latest and greatest electronics. Plus, with our exclusive agency representation, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible selection and service in Saudi Arabia.

Come visit Al-Asasyah and discover the power of electronics, delivered with a Saudi touch!


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Our Main Products

For over 53 years, Basic Electronics has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, Air conditioner, LCD & LED, Refrigerator, Freezer, Water Coolers, Washing Machines, Ovens, Fans, Heaters and more.

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GREE Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, China is the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioners. Through our eight production bases in China, Vietnam, Pakistan and Brazil, GREE can produce up to 27 million residential

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Founded in 1931 with the manufacture of the first Portuguese electric cooker with just 3 collaborators, AntónioMeireles, S.A. is today a young and modern company, embraced with tradition. Market leader in Portugal, with a market share of 36%, exports to more than…

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In 1969 he sold the company to the Emerson Electric Company, which in turn sold the company to SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan, Early FISHER models under the SANYO umbrella generally followed the high standards of Avery’s Fisher.

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Fujitsu General Air-Conditioning Units And Vrf-Systems. Efficiency And Flexibility For Every Residential And Working Area. The Optimal Solution For Every Requirement: With Its Wide Variety Of Operational And Combination Options.

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Maxell, Ltd. (マクセル株式会社, Makuseru Kabushiki-gaisha), commonly known as Maxell, is a Japanese company that manufactures consumer electronics.

The company’s name is a contraction of “Maximum capacity dry cell”. Its main products are batteries, wireless charging products, storage devices, (USB flash drive, with real capacity 4- 8- 16- 32- 64- 128- 256GB) LCD/laser projectors, and functional materials. In the past, the company manufactured recording media, including audio cassettes and blank VHS tapes, floppy disks, [ and recordable optical discs including CD-R/RW and DVD±RW.

Maxell was formed in 1960, when a dry cell manufacturing plant was created at the company’s headquarters in Ibaraki, Osaka. In 1961, Maxell Electric Industrial Company, Limited was created out of the dry battery and magnetic tape divisions of Nitto Electric Industrial Company, Limited (now Nitto Denko Corporation).


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 Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo, that specializes in digital entertainment products. The company was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto on January 1, 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop. Its current president is Shiro Yahara.

Pioneer played a role in the development of interactive cable TV, the LaserDisc player, the first automotive Compact Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD and DVD recording, the first AV receiver with Dolby Digital, plasma display (with the last 2 years of plasma models being branded as Kuro, lauded for their outstanding black levels) and Organic LED display (OLED). The company works with optical disc and display technology and software products and is also a manufacturer.

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Alba is a sub-brand of Seiko Watch Corporation that produces a line of wristwatches. It first appeared in 1979 in Japan. Using Seiko’s own family of movements but with modern styling designed to appeal to younger customers, Alba watches are primarily aimed at Asian and Middle Eastern markets in the hope of creating long-term loyalty to the Seiko group as these customers’ purchasing power increases.  The word ‘Alba’ translates to ‘dawn’ in Italian, and Spanish.

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